Reclaimed Teak Plywood: Affordable Beauty

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Reclaimed Teak Plywood: Affordable Beauty

Created for beauty, ease of installation, and durability, Indoteak Designs sheet reclaimed teak plywood are beautiful from front to back. The simple, yet elegant, beauty of the plywood is perfect for cabinets, doors, drawer fronts, wall treatments and more. Several styles are always stocked in our San Diego warehouse, and custom products are available with minimum orders. whether you have been thinking of changing up your home office, or refinishing you grandmothers favorite chest of drawers, this is the material that can add the beauty you desire at a user-friendly price point.


Reclaimed teak plywood is an amazing alternative material that we offer that hits a great price point and has dozen of sensible applications from siding, office decor, cabinets, doors, drawer fronts, wall treatments and more.Instead of letting the beautiful old wood get burned or end up buried in the dump, we save it, refinish it and create beautiful patterns and products that can add that unmatched beauty of reclaimed teak wood to any project.


The uses of plywood abound. On a recent build at Wheat & Water, a La Jolla California restaurant, we utilized reclaimed plywood for the walls of the eatery and the result was spectacular. The rustic vibe of the wood offset the feel of the 100 year old brick structure, creating an inviting and vibrant experience for customers.

Waiting rooms or common areas are perfect candidates for the reclaimed teak plywood coverings. Here a client used it when they remodeled their common area. The use of wooden tables and siding offset the metal staircase and concrete flooring, warming up the area and creating an inviting space.


Whole Foods throughout the United States uses our reclaimed plywood in their stores.



Source: Vintage Buildings Slated for Demolition in Southeast Asia

SpeciesTectona Grandis

Colors: Golds, Coppers and Tans with Rich Brown and Silver Grain Highlights

Net Dimensions: 1/4” Smooth Mixed Width; Finger-Joint Wirebrushed, 1/2” All Styles, 3/4” All Styles

Millwork: Surfaced four sides (S4S), Eased four edges (E4E) . Custom Mill-Work Available

Character:Pre-filled Nail and Other Holes, Oxide Stains, Pre-filled Surface Seasoning Checks and Occasional Sound Tight Knots. Pre-filled with Teak and/or Epoxy

Grade: Meets Character Grade Specifications

Finish: Varies depending on Finish (if chosen) and Texture