Why You Should Incorporate Reclaimed Teak Into Your Next Project

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Why You Should Incorporate Reclaimed Teak Into Your Next Project

Incorporating Reclaimed Teak Into Your Next Project

The owner of Indoteak Design, Frank Ragen, was looking for the worlds best reclaimed teak for his new dream home in La Jolla, California. When he couldn’t find a source that was consistent or of high quality, he went to Indonesia himself to find a better way to get what he needed.

Through his connections with humanitarian organization SurfAid International, he met a man who made the finest reclaimed quality teak products. Frank knew that the man was a master craftsman, the Indonesian man was making only home decor based furnishings, not flooring, so with Frank leading the design concepts, the two created our now legendary flooring.

Lets Get Started

They discussed how to develop a new line and make the construction process as close to zero waste as possible, all the while creating a high end flooring product that would be built in a different process that would make the engineered product as durable as the solid offering. With that commitment to quality, durability and to the environment, Indoteak Design was born.

In the decade since, Indoteak Design has maintained its commitment to the environment as well as introducing new products built to the same exacting standards as the original flooring. Tiles, decking, paneling and custom projects are all made to the highest standards.

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Indoteak Design and the A&D Community

There are many projects that make designers & architects dig deep for inspiration and challenge them to look for new ideas. They search for unique brands that have a story behind their products. Stories of substance.

This has drawn some of the worlds most renown design agencies to request our unique 100% reclaimed teak products. Not only for its unmatched beauty and durability, but also for its earth friendly construction. Firms like Myers Davis, The Rockwell Group and Studio Gee all use our materials for projects with their top-tier clients.

Our unique story of reclamation and commitment to the environment is one aspect. The other is that our flooring is close to bullet-proof. Our engineered flooring is made up of three layers, all made of cross-grain reclaimed teak, so the floor can acclimate with changes in temperature.

Pair that with our average wood age of 100-300 years old, and you have something that cannot be replicated anywhere. Quality, performance and integrity are in each of our products. We believe it’s the story that every designer, architect and client deserves.



We are committed to being environmentally conscious and responsible and have made it our mission to protect the forests and local villages throughout Indonesia better in any possible way. Since founding IndoTeak Design, we have sustained jobs for the Indonesian Labor Force, as well as partnering with SurfAid International. 

By supporting and utilizing this resourceful system, you are aiding the effort in revitalizing this natural and precious wood; giving it new life in the best way possible.

For our clients who want the finest in breathtaking natural hardwood floors without putting our precious environment at risk, we thank you.  Indoteak Design is committed to bringing you quality products hand crafted with love, care and dedication to preserving our environment.


Our materials are 100% reclaimed teak wood delivered directly from our longtime partners located in Indonesia.  We supply our reclaimed teak clean.

That means no added formaldehyde and VOC-free finishes, both in the production and during the installation process. This ensures the highest-grade hardwood  without the worry of tarnish by harmful chemicals.

Teak is available in variations of rich colors and emits a warm, almost leather-like aroma. Unlike most woods, Teak holds high levels of resinous oils which keeps it from shrinking, swelling or warping.

As you can see, this wood has a reputation of extravagance because the products created from teak withstand the test of time without losing any of its luster.

Putting “Special” back into Specialty

  • Earth friendly construction. All material from only recycled and reclaimed teak structures
  • Virtually zero waste
  • Built with integrity and all 100% reclaimed teak
  • Material stocked in USA
  • All products guaranteed
  • Custom finishes available on all products
  • Custom products available for home and hospitality- Let us help you with any “off-menu” requests


If you have a project that needs something beautiful and special, featuring a one-of-a-kind story of reclamation, virtually zero-waste manufacturing and 100% reclaimed teak & anti-deforestation, look no further than Indoteak Design.

We are FSC certified and the recipients of the 2013 Sustainable Standard-Setter Award by the Rainforrest Alliance.

We care and it shows in our incredible floors, tile, decking, siding and all of our incredible products.



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