Indoteak Design Client Profile: WeWork Offices

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Indoteak Design Client Profile: WeWork Offices

WeWork Offices

New York City. The name conjours images of Broadway, hipsters, architecture that tickles the sky and, most of all, business. If you are young, driven and looking to make your mark in the business world, you will most likely spend some years in New York pursuing your goals and dreams.

The flip side to the masses who make the pilgrimage to the city, is the shocking lack of living space that is anywhere close to affordable. Stories of studio apartments fetching $2500 a month are real. Young professionals had an equally hard time trying to post up at coffee shops to bootleg the free wifi. Lucky for them, WeWork opened a beautiful office space right in the heart of the city, adjacent to Union Square.

With 8 floors and over 96,000 feet of office space, The Irving Place offices Border Union Square, a hub for the booming New York tech industry. The area is chock full of coolness with Farmers Markets, parks, amazing restaurants and the oldest bar in the city, Petes Tavern.

Besides having our product in the Irving Place offices, we have worked with their builds throughout the country as well. The images below are from various offices showcasing the unique looks and feel of each environment.

Our Indoteak 100% Reclaimed Teak product used in the build:
Anteak Natural Chevron Tile

Cinta Tile “Amy” Natural and Smooth Natural

Cinta Custom Tile -Parquet Tile Green

Anteak Mosaic Oolong Tile