TUXEDO: Gorgeous Beach Front Custom Home

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TUXEDO: Gorgeous Beach Front Custom Home

Tucked into the desirable private beaches of Malibu California lies a home that lets ones imagination run wild. The physical manifestation of the California dream. With an open floor plan, Interior/Exterior views of the back yard, which happens to be the Eastern Pacific Ocean, this home checks all the boxes.

The talented design firm of Burdge and Associates knocked this one out of the park. See how they utilized our 100% reclaimed teak wood throughout the home. Not only for its beauty but for its strength which is legendary for holding up to the elements better than any other. Teak has long been favored by ocean going vessels for how its water resistant, mold resistance and its aversion to bugs.

The high oil content of the wood keeps it longevity and strength for generations making it the perfect selection for homes that are exposed to moisture and the harsh elements, such as a beach home. We invite you to take some time to soak in the beauty of the Tuxedo home.


Tucked into the ultimate private setting, The Tuxedo home has it all. Photo Burdge



Evening vibes over the Eastern Pacific. Photo: Burdge



Sea breezes and mositure are nothing to worry about when you have reclaimed teak. As strong as it is beautiful. Photo: Burdge



Stunning views inside and out. The sand finished reclaimed teak floors from Indoteak Design create magic. Photo Burdge



Entertain guests fearlessly. No worries of spilt champagne as the reclaimed teak is water proof. Photo: Burdge



The kind of backyard that most of us dream about. Photo: Burdge



With all day sun and moisture, most woods would fail in a few months. Reclaimed teak wood decking and siding have a high oil content making it perfect for this type of use. Photo: Burdge



The type of bathroom that you just want to take a bath in and soak away your day. Theres no worries of water at all when you have reclaimed teak in the bathroom. Photo: Burdge



Reclaimed teak flooring, decking, cladding and siding. Whatever your dream home needs, Indoteak Design can provide. Photo: burdge




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