Engineered and  Solid
100% FSC Reclaimed Teak Flooring

“My reclaimed teak engineered-flooring is nothing short of stunning. The beauty of the floor completes the warmth and welcoming vibe I’ve always wanted for my home.”

Loren Miller -Indoteak Customer

Indoteak Design fully appreciates our extremely rare, FSC 100% reclaimed teak that is recycled from structures that are hundreds of years old. We then transform the ancient wood into flooring that is durable, timeless and luxurious. Our reclaimed teak stands out above all others, as newer plantation-grown teak cannot begin to compare with the beauty and durability of our reclaimed teak. The best part of our product is that the reclamation of this teak preserves standing old growth teak forests as well as gives new life to the wood instead of it ending up in landfills or being destroyed.

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