Engineered and  Solid
100% reclaimed Teak Flooring

Indoteak Design reclaimed teak flooring is 100% reclaimed and sustainable teak wood. Being earth-friendly is important to us, and we hope you feel that way too.  By choosing reclaimed teak, you share the need to preserve the standing old-growth teak forests of the planet and support ethical, sustainable design choices.

The Rarest Flooring In The World


Rare, Exquisite, Gorgeous

Our unfinished reclaimed teak Patina Flooring is just as nature intended. The authentic beauty of 19th-20th century planks reclaimed into very special engineered flooring is one of the worlds most sought after and exclusive floors in the world today. With an incredibly durable surface from years of weathering, our natural patina is available unfinished or finished and in stock now.

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