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Wayan- Indonesian Restaurant Opens In NYC

Indonesia is a very special place. The humid air is filled with the sounds of birds and the smell of pungent spices wafting from the small warungs lining the tight traffic filled streets. The sheer beauty of the landscape paired with the wonderful people of the country have made it a favorite destination for traveling surfers and adventurers for decades. It’s the perfect inspiration for highly anticipated restaurant-Wayan NYC.

The same can be said for the owner of the New York City Restaurant “Wayan” that opened this week in Manhattan.

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Life Alive restaurant, located in Back Bay Boston, was concepted by the interior design firm, Studio Phenomena. Indoteak Design worked closely with Kiki Mobley and Kendall Lowe, the co-owners of Studio Phenomena to create a very colorful and unique tile floor. The client not only wanted something beautiful but also sustainable. After some discussions, the designers wanted the tiles to capture the vibe of colorful area rugs with blending of colors and title shapes. The results are stunning to say the least.

The designs were created by using Indoteak Designs Cinta tile line, which is created from 100% recycled and reclaimed teak wood.

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Reclaimed Teak Tile Accent Wall-Private Residence

Indoteak Design recently had our reclaimed teak tiles featured in a private residence in Naples, CA. We are very proud to work with some of the best architects, designers and retailers who choose Indoteak Design to provide their clients with our unique and special materials. In the case of this project, the client worked closely with our vendor in the area, Diane from Modern Earth Tile in Long Beach, CA.

The accent wall featured our “Amy” Cinta tile. This custom colored, resin finished, reclaimed teak tile adds a beautiful look and feel, giving the living space an earthy and soulful feel.

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TUXEDO: Gorgeous Beach Front Custom Home

Tucked into the desirable private beaches of Malibu California lies a home that lets ones imagination run wild. The physical manifestation of the California dream. With an open floor plan, Interior/Exterior views of the back yard, which happens to be the Eastern Pacific Ocean, this home checks all the boxes.

The talented design firm of Burdge and Associates knocked this one out of the park. See how they utilized our 100% reclaimed teak wood throughout the home. Not only for its beauty but for its strength which is legendary for holding up to the elements better than any other.

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Just Add Water: Reclaimed Teak Tile For The Shower

Taking a clients vision and turning into reality are not the easiest tasks for any designer. Adding teak tile into the shower is one of those tasks. `Most people don’t know how to elaborate their idea, needs and wants into a clear vision, much less something that is actually possible. But in todays world where unique blending of modern and casual concepts cross pollenate in most every aspect of design, nothing seems impossible any more.

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Gorgeous Custom Bar and Cinta Tile at Galaxy Taco in La Jolla California

Galaxy Taco of La Jolla California has quickly become a local favorite with its delicious food, airy atmosphere and bright, joyful decor.
When the owners were creating their space, they reached out to Indoteak Design to create a custom bar top made of 100% reclaimed teak wood as well as a custom back-splash and reclaimed teak tile for the facade of the bar. The result is one of the most beautiful spaces in San Diego County.

The tile reflects the local surroundings, which in this case, is the Pacific Ocean and La Jolla Shores, located just steps away from the restaurants door.

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Custom Tile Spotlight: Blue Moon Taphouse Norfolk VA

During the redesign of the Waterside District in Norfolk VA, overseen by the talented Design Agency of Jeffrey Beers International, The Blue Moon Tap House needed something unique to add to their impressive 22,550 sq. feet of restaurant and bar space. Indoteak Design was contacted and tasked with creating some custom, 100% reclaimed teak-wood tiles in the signature colors for the Blue Moon Brand.

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Indoteak Design Client Profile: WeWork Offices

New York City. The name conjours images of Broadway, hipsters, architecture that tickles the sky and, most of all, business. If you are young, driven and looking to make your mark in the business world, you will most likely spend some years in New York pursuing your goals and dreams.

The flip side to the masses who make the pilgrimage to the city, is the shocking lack of living space that is anywhere close to affordable. Stories of studio apartments fetching $2500 a month are real. Young professionals had an equally hard time trying to post up at coffee shops to bootleg the free wifi. Lucky for them, WeWork opened a beautiful office space right in the heart of the city.

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Hotel Journey East Hampton X Custom Indoteak Cinta Tile

Journey is beautiful rustic, yet contemporary, sanctuary tucked away in the Hamptons. Located by the quaint villages of East Hampton and Amagansett, this boutique hotel has a stunningly renovated 22 rooms. Included on the property are three spacious and secluded cottages, an outdoor private pool (featuring an indoor lounge) and sits close to some of Long Island’s finest beaches. To say this hotel is special is an understatement.

The hotels location at South Fork puts it in very close proximity to many prestigious wineries, fine dining and local restaurant. Did we mention the beautiful beaches?

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Reclaimed Teak Masterpiece Residence In San Diego

In the northern region of San Diego county lies a small community that was once an artist and hippie sanctuary in the 1960’s. The once rural town has adopted the tag line: “Keep Leucadia funky.” With its eclectic selection of stores and restaurants, the beachside town of Leucadia was once covered in flower farms and large pine trees, giving it a feel and vibe as unique as the people who live there. The area has been developed thoughtfully, keeping the the soul of the community intact and just as “funky” as ever.

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