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Tag: recycled

Indoteak Design Client Profile: WeWork Offices

New York City. The name conjours images of Broadway, hipsters, architecture that tickles the sky and, most of all, business. If you are young, driven and looking to make your mark in the business world, you will most likely spend some years in New York pursuing your goals and dreams.

The flip side to the masses who make the pilgrimage to the city, is the shocking lack of living space that is anywhere close to affordable. Stories of studio apartments fetching $2500 a month are real. Young professionals had an equally hard time trying to post up at coffee shops to bootleg the free wifi. Lucky for them, WeWork opened a beautiful office space right in the heart of the city.

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Surfrider Malibu Gets A Facelift With Indoteak Design

The legendary Surfrider Hotel in Malibu California first opened in the 1950’s and was a perfect little motel for visiting surfers who flocked to the famed long green walls of the legendary right point. Pop culture got its first look at Southern California beach lifestyle with the cult classic film “Gidget.” That movie alone turned the sleepy surf town of Malibu into a world wide draw which also watched the surf crowds explode from a few dozen in 1951 to hundreds or new surfers chasing the dream of Gidget by 1957.

That was just the beginning and the little Surfrider Motel was constantly booked solid for decades until it fell under disrepair and was sold in 2013.

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Life Alive restaurant, located in Back Bay Boston, was concepted by the interior design firm, Studio Phenomena. Indoteak Design worked closely with Kiki Mobley and Kendall Lowe, the co-owners of Studio Phenomena to create a very colorful and unique tile floor. The client not only wanted something beautiful but also sustainable. After some discussions, the designers wanted the tiles to capture the vibe of colorful area rugs with blending of colors and title shapes. The results are stunning to say the least.

The designs were created by using Indoteak Designs Cinta tile line, which is created from 100% recycled and reclaimed teak wood.

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Indoteak Design and Interior designer KW Designs Create Magic in Solana Beach

Indoteak Design recently finished the new construction of a green, net zero residence located on Holmwood Lane in Solana Beach overlooking the small beach town of Cardiff and its famous lagoon. Our engineered flooring is 100% reclaimed teak wood from Southeast Asia, made from buildings that were slated for demolition. We step in to buy the beautiful old wood, sometimes 150-300 years old and repurpose it, into beautiful products like flooring, tile and siding.

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Incredible 100 Year Old Reclaimed Teak Slab Table

Over the years at Indoteak Design, we have seen many amazing pieces of reclaimed teak come through our doors but there was one batch of solid teak tables from an old military base in Java that caught our attention. Almost 7 years ago, a container arrived that held five pieces of wood that were thirteen feet long and two inches inches thick, weighing in at a staggering 1200 pounds each.

While we wanted to take the time to work on these slabs, we just didnt have the time for custom work with our production schedule.

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Donavon Frankenreiters Jaw Dropping Reclaimed Teak Airstream

Musician Donavon Frankenreiter Creates A reclaimed teak/Boat Wood Covered Work of Art

There was a time when Donavon Frankenreiter wasn’t the well known musician he is today. He once travelled the world as a professional surfer, hanging with the elite of the sport. He travelled from exotic location to exotic location, surfing the worlds best waves and enjoyed the camaraderie of being on tour with his best friends. His personality lit up any event, party or get-together and soon Frankenreiter and his magnetic personality found himself looking at bigger opportunities in life than the surf.

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The Tiny House Project by Ben Hayward

Tiny House: “A small compact living space gaining popularity with young adults looking to downsize their living space and save money.”

Ben Hayward and Indoteak Design teamed up late last year for a project Ben had lined up with HGTV and their program, Tiny House. His concept was to create a unique, totally original mobile home that had a green footprint, a bold design and beauty inside and out. When he asked us to provide the tile for his bathroom, we jumped at the chance to be involved.

Over the months that followed, we found that Ben was a great communicator who was very driven by his passions and his goals.

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Indoteak Design Outfits Billabong Showrooms

The name Billabong has become an iconic name within the surfing world. Over their storied 40-year run, they became the leader in the surf-wear industry that pioneered the beach culture & introduced it to the masses. The brand is now as recognizable in Ohio as it is in Hawaii or California. Billabong rose to fame within the surf culture in the 1980’s, releasing classic surf films “Pump” and “Filthy Habits.” These films showcased their influential athletes like Mark Occhilupo and the late Andy Irons.

Billabong features many global showrooms. Locations are in Newport Beach, New York and Honolulu to name a few.

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