Tag: reclaimed teak

Tag: reclaimed teak

BO-beau Restaurant Long Beach Ca Features Reclaimed Teak Barn Wood

The Cohn Group of Restaurants, owner of BO-beau in Long Beach, CA- is a San Diego based group that owns some of the finest eateries in Southern California. For over 33 years, David and Lesley Cohn have made it their mission to elevate the San Diego dining experience to new levels. From their humble start owning a small diner in 1981, Cohn Restaurant Group has grown tremendously and now owns 24 restaurants throughout Southern California.

“We’re big fans of Indoteak Design & their reclaimed teak products. Their vision aligns with our design intent.” -Phillip Beltran, Designer Cohn Group of Restaurants

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Incredible 100 Year Old Reclaimed Teak Slab Table

Over the years at Indoteak Design, we have seen many amazing pieces of reclaimed teak come through our doors but there was one batch of solid teak tables from an old military base in Java that caught our attention. Almost 7 years ago, a container arrived that held five pieces of wood that were thirteen feet long and two inches inches thick, weighing in at a staggering 1200 pounds each.

While we wanted to take the time to work on these slabs, we just didnt have the time for custom work with our production schedule.

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Holistic Teak: The Healing Properties of Reclaimed Teak Wood

Tectona Grandis or teak as you know it, is renowned throughout history as a sacred tree for many different reasons. Ancient mariners used the wood because of its amazing resistance and endurance to water and the elements, very much the same reasons as to why boat builder,interior designers and furniture artisans still prefer using the species to this very day.

The teak tree, if left alone, can reach an age of 1500 year and 46 Meters in height. Desired for its structural stability, unparalleled durability, resistance to decay, insects and water, teak has become one of the most used and desired woods in the world.

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Reclaimed Teak Masterpiece Residence In San Diego

In the northern region of San Diego county lies a small community that was once an artist and hippie sanctuary in the 1960’s. The once rural town has adopted the tag line: “Keep Leucadia funky.” With its eclectic selection of stores and restaurants, the beachside town of Leucadia was once covered in flower farms and large pine trees, giving it a feel and vibe as unique as the people who live there. The area has been developed thoughtfully, keeping the the soul of the community intact and just as “funky” as ever.

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The Build That Started IndoTeak Design: The Bali House

Located in the Windansea Beach neighborhood of La Jolla California, The “Bali House” is one of the most unique structures in this community. The 9,300 sq. ft. custom home built in 2010 was inspired after the owners many travels to Indonesia. To achieve the look and feel of their dream home, Frank and his wife Amy spared no expense to create this masterpiece.

Frank and Amy Ragen decided they wanted a home with the look and feel of Indonesia. That meant the wood of choice was teak wood. Reclaimed teak to be exact. After having difficulty sourcing the rare wood, they soon had all the reclaimed teak wood they needed.

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Indoteak Design Client: Wheat And Water, La Jolla Ca

Owners Ted Cochrane and Doug Ritz have spent the better part of three years pursuing their dream of opening a restaurant that reflects their personalities and their connection to the community, but as they say, nothing comes easy.

After a string of setbacks as well as getting their building (built in 1947) up-to-code, the pair could have quit a half-dozen times and nobody would have blamed them. But they are cut from a different cloth, and after taking some time to reflect and learn, the pair moved forward in their pursuit, keeping the dream alive by staying focused and positive.

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Indoteak Design Featured in Modern La Jolla Home

Recently, San Diego Home and Garden Magazine(May 2017) featured a home that was a perfect blend of contemporary/rustic with a nod towards recycled green material. Since Indoteak Design’s engineered reclaimed teak flooring is certified 100% reclaimed teak. The owners, real estate agent Susan Botticelli and her fiance, contractor Monte Mattson, decided to incorporate reclaimed teak flooring into the master bedroom.

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Speedo’s Incorporates Our Reclaimed Teak Into Its Global Headquarters

In todays world people, as well as brands, are sensitive to the environment more than ever and are steadfastly looking for ways to lessen their global footprint as well as make their space more earth friendly. With that vision in mind, many businesses have researched ways to incorporate reclaimed material into their projects as a way of adding unique beauty with a conscience to their work spaces.

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Indoteak Design Tables At The Somerset Chicago

Recently, Luxe Magazine wrote an article about four Chicago restaurants that excel at design. The establishments were: Proxi, Marisol, Steadfast and the Somerset.

Lux magazine says of the build, “New York-based AvroKO reinterpreted the classic country club for its interior design of Somerset, which opened in September.

“Undulating textured- glass screens behind the main bar subtly recall canvas sails; banquettes are adorned in jade upholstery and white piping. The vibe is reminiscent of vintage tennis fashion and evokes the feeling of luxurious club lounges,”.

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Donavon Frankenreiters Jaw Dropping Reclaimed Teak Airstream

Musician Donavon Frankenreiter Creates A reclaimed teak/Boat Wood Covered Work of Art

There was a time when Donavon Frankenreiter wasn’t the well known musician he is today. He once travelled the world as a professional surfer, hanging with the elite of the sport. He travelled from exotic location to exotic location, surfing the worlds best waves and enjoyed the camaraderie of being on tour with his best friends. His personality lit up any event, party or get-together and soon Frankenreiter and his magnetic personality found himself looking at bigger opportunities in life than the surf.

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