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TUXEDO: Gorgeous Beach Front Custom Home

Tucked into the desirable private beaches of Malibu California lies a home that lets ones imagination run wild. The physical manifestation of the California dream. With an open floor plan, Interior/Exterior views of the back yard, which happens to be the Eastern Pacific Ocean, this...

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Furniture Grade Book Match Flooring: What it means

BOOKMATCH FLOORING Frank Ragen, Indoteak Design Owner-Designer is always looking for new and unique ideas to expound upon. From creating the worlds first reclaimed wood tiles and  three layered engineered flooring, all made from 100% reclaimed teak wood, Ragen is always looking for whats new. In...

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What is Reclaimed Teak?

What Is Reclaimed Teak? The goal is to provide the highest quality reclaimed teak hardwood without causing any damage to the environment. We properly utilize 100% reclaimed teak, salvaged from Indonesia, in a zero-waste facility. This means no trees are cut down as a result of...

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