Surf Aid Cup Malibu 2018 – Women & Children Raise Awareness in the Waves

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Surf Aid Cup Malibu 2018 – Women & Children Raise Awareness in the Waves

Indoteak Design and Surf Aid International have had a solid partnership for over 5 years now. Owner of Indoteak Design, Frank Ragen and his wife Amy have been donating time and money to the organization that helps people in remote island region of Indonesia. This became a very personal experience for Frank as he employs many people in Indonesia who build many of the products Indoteak Design sells globally. These are beautiful people, craftsmen, artisans, families and friends.

While starting Indoteak Design in 2010, Frank began Immersing himself in the culture and seeing firsthand the hard conditions throughout the remote islands of Indonesia struck a chord with Frank many years ago and he soon found himself on the board of Surf Aid, doing all he could to raise awareness for families who were getting gravely ill and dying because of squalid living conditions. The ones who were always hit the hardest were the women and small children of those island communities. Being a parent of three, Frank made a point to do all he could to raise money and awareness for the organization by hosting benefits at his home and even fielding a team in the Surf Aid Cup in Malibu.

This year Frank wanted to send a message with who he chose to represent Indoteak Design and chose close friends Miranda Joseph and Michele Miller and their daughters Kyra and Maddie to represent for the mothers and children.

When asked about his choice of team, Ragen said, “I wanted people t see how lucky we are to be healthy and have access to health care and good living conditions.

The women who surfed for Indoteak are a direct reflection of the women and children in Indonesia that we are trying to help. Borders, skin color and religion don’t matter, were all brothers and sisters and should try to help those in need.”

With 9 teams representing at Malibu this year, The Surf Aid Cup raised over $76,000 dollars, and that alone can save three villages of women and children from suffering from death and disease.

To learn more about how you can make a differnece in the lives of women and children in Indonesia, please contact Surf Aid International at –






About SurfAid:


Started by a group of concerned surfers in 2000 who were struck by the needless suffering and preventable death in the Mentawai Islands. Today we are proud that more than 95 per cent of our program staff are Indonesian nationals who work hand-in-hand with the communities of Western Sumatra, Sumbawa and Sumba, to bring about positive, sustainable health change while respecting the unique culture and customs of these islands communities.


We work together with communities and local government to prevent mother and child suffering and death. The latest Indonesian statistics show that every three hours a mother dies in childbirth, while every hour 20 babies die. Half of these babies are less than one month old. In remote areas these figures are worse. We provide a mix of practical support, education and health promotion that aims to change poor health behaviors into positive behaviors. Simple basic stuff, really, but with huge effects!

About Indoteak Design:


Many of the worlds most beloved woodlands are diminishing at an alarming rate as the result of deforestation and non-sustainable logging. One of the the major culprits in this crisis is improper or, in some cases, non-existent systems of recycling. At Indoteak Design, we are committed to providing the highest quality products while also striving to cause no harm to the environment. By properly utilizing FSC Recycled, 100% teak salvaged from Indonesia, our production works as a zero-waste process. This means no trees are cut down as a result of our work. Instead, our wood is salvaged from 100-300 year-old structures that were slated for demolition or the landfill. This rare, beautiful wood, aged by time and the elements, is then refined without any VOC or leeching glues, ensuring the safety for your family or business.


We are committed to being environmentally conscious and responsible and have made it our mission to protect the forests and local villages throught Indonesia better in any possible way. Since founding IndoTeak Design, we have sustained jobs for the Indonesian Labor Force, as well as partnering with SurfAid International in alleviating human suffering regarding nutrition, sanitation, and promoting community-based solutions for the future.

By supporting and utilizing this resourceful system, you are aiding the effort in revitalizing this natural and precious wood; giving it new life in the best way possible.

For our clients who want the finest in breathtaking natural hardwood floors without putting our precious environment at risk, we thank you.  IndoTeak Design is committed to bringing you quality products hand crafted with love, care and dedication to preserving our environment.