Super-Mom, Designer & Instagram Hero: Ali Hynek

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Super-Mom, Designer & Instagram Hero: Ali Hynek

Super Mom & Designer: Ali Hynek

Most of us know all too well how hard it is to juggle work, family and the pursuit of our passions. What we all realize is that there are just not enough hour in the day. Some people crumble under the responsibility and others rise to the challenge. That leads us to our partnership with wife, super-mom, designer, entrepreneur and Instagram hero, Ali Hynek. We were put in touch recently with Ali by mutual friend & designer Erin Adams who designed our Cinta tile collection. Ali was about to begin a wonderful remodel of her laundry room and wanted to use our Natural Tommy tile made from 100% FSC reclaimed teak for the project.  We decided to go with the resin coated option due to it being in an area that will have water on the floor occasionally.

Designer Ali Hynek and growing family. Hynek is also the Founder and CEO of

Our reclaimed teak tiles are made from the smaller piece of wood that is left behind after we make our flooring, paneling and decking. We never waste our precious reclaimed teak, so we decided to create tiles instead of waste. In fact, the smaller pieces left after we make our tile become the substrate for our engineered flooring, the filler for any holes or pits and even the dust leftover is used to fire the kiln. It’s about as close to a zero waste product that you will find anywhere.

It was our story, paired with the natural characteristics of Tectona Grandis, AKA Teak, that made this the perfect material for a family with 5 small children. The natural healing properties of teak are very well known and to have that feeling built into your home is very special. Especially with the kids.

After a few weeks, Ali sent us the photos of her install, including a great side by side before and after image that really captures exactly what a small remodel can do for your space. To learn more about our Cinta products, clear HERE

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