Stunning Custom Home Features Unique Reclaimed Teak Siding

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Stunning Custom Home Features Unique Reclaimed Teak Siding

Stunning Reclaimed Teak Featured in Custom La Jolla Residence

The views of the Pacific Ocean from the hills above La Jolla Shores in San Diego, California are among the most picturesque in all the State. Kelp beds reflect the afternoon sun as Grey Whales, dolphins and surfers all bask in the glory of the warm summer sea. This backdrop was the inspiration for the homeowner, who wanted to create an indoor/outdoor sanctuary.

Frank Ragen is the owner of Indoteak Design and one of his favorite things is to help his friends come up with original and stunning design ideas for their projects. In the case of this custom home in La Jolla, California, the combination of stunning views from the back of the house paired with a need for a stunning exterior cladding/rain shield. This new addition to the Indoteak Design product line-up Is scheduled to launch in September 2020.

Indoteak- reclaimed-teak-luxury-home

This new custom luxury home in La Jolla California features Indoteak Design reclaimed teak cladding on the exterior.



The beauty of reclaimed teak is that it is strong and durable in all elements. This beautiful cladding also plays with the natural light as the shadows change the look and feel throughout the day.

Indoteak-reclaimed teak-cladding-custom-home-la jolla-teak-wood

The home features over 10,000 feet of decking that overlooks the pacific. With all day sun and coastal moisture from the mornings marine layer, the reclaimed teak was the perfect choice for lasting beauty and longevity.

Indoteak-reclaimed teak-cladding-custom-home-la jolla-teak-wood-decking

The home has unimpeded views of the La Jolla coastline and Pacific Ocean. The reclaimed teak wood will last for years and weather naturally over time, creating its own unique patina.


Indoteak-reclaimed teak-cladding-custom-home-la jolla-teak-wood

Light and shadow play with our new exterior cladding created from solid 100% reclaimed teak wood.



Indoteak-reclaimed teak-cladding-custom-home-la jolla-teak-wood-decking-patina

The solid reclaimed teak wood decking is perfect for the open design or the project. With family use of the pool a daily occurrence, the owner wanted something that would weather naturally but also could be refinished if they choose to do so. The low maintenance of reclaimed teak is an added bonus to the beauty.


reclaimed-teak-wood-outdoor-shower-indoteak-design-la jolla

Teak is especially resilient in the elements and perfect for outdoor showers and pool areas.

Custom Kitchen

The custom wall cladding in the kitchen area of the La Jolla home was created to provide warmth and depth to the modern concrete and steel appliances featured in the floor-plan. Indoteak Design created these from oak but will be offering this product in Fall 2020 in 100% reclaimed teak.

Indoteak design-wall-paneling-reclaimed-teak

In the kitchen, the owner wanted Indoteak to create some dimensional wall cladding. The results are quite incredible. This cladding will be introduced into the Indoteak Design catalog in Fall 2020.