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Reclaimed Teak The Perfect Indoor Outdoor Solution

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Reclaimed Teak The Perfect Indoor Outdoor Solution

Indoor Outdoor Floorplan? Reclaimed Teak is the Perfect solution

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The use of reclaimed teak engineered flooring and solid decking work in unison when used for homes that are open to the elements. The water resistant nature of teak is the perfect solution for areas with heavy use or exposure to sun, wind, water and anything else you can throw its way. Reclaimed teak has natural oils that stand up to stains, retaining its beauty, shape and color over years of wear.

It’s this special structure which allows teaks natural oils to permeate the wood, which make it resistant to water, stains and the elements. This characteristic has made it perfect for use on boats for thousands of years and It’s that same toughness and beauty that make it the perfect solution for homes with open floor-plans, or for homes with a seamless transition from interior to exterior.

While most other species and flooring is susceptible to warping from water and moisture, our reclaimed teak engineered flooring features three layer construction, all using teak so it moves together and thwarts water retention, twisting and absorption.

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Reclaimed teak eases the mind when water and living space are in close proximity

Reclaimed Teak Engineered Flooring 

Our reclaimed teak is a the perfect solution as it has been used in a previous life as a home in southeast Asia for at least 100 years. This allows the wood to be true, straight after years of battling the elements. This hard wood is the turned into all layers of our solid and engineered flooring in our factory. It is strong, durable and its natural ability to withstand the extremes of heat and cold.

When shopping for the best wood for your open floor-plan, keep this in mind as water damage to regular flooring make it almost unsalvageable. We all want to have our investments last for years so I’ll offer you this example of how our floors stand up to severe water damage:

A few years ago we built the flooring for Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in La Jolla Ca. They were just days from opening after months of hard work building out their storefront. On a Friday, one week before opening day, a pipe broke and the entire store was 2 feet underwater for two days. The owner Chuck gave us a call in a panic thinking he would need to replace his floors. We let him know that he has nothing to worry about and to let the flooring dry before making any decisions. After the water was cleared out, our flooring did indeed dry without any twist, warp, rot or mold. The shop opened three days later and those original flooring is still in place four years later.


Indoteak Design-flooring-reclaimed-teak-substrate

Close up of Substrate T&G

Close up of other side of T&G

Profile image of substrate

Substrate – The top layer is the beautiful layer, sanded and stained to your specs. The middle layer is incredible. We use every bit of material from our reclaimed teak, so when we have small pieces we cant use for other products, we turn it into our substrate. This allows all three layers to bend and move together through extreme heat and cold. The bottom layer is reclaimed teak as well made from finger jointed pieces that run perpendicular to the center layer.





Amazing use of Indoteak Design engineered flooring and decking for this open floor plan home in Kauai.


Reclaimed Teak Decking

So the other component to to open floor plan is the outside hall or deck area. Some people choose to use the engineered flooring outside as well and that’s fine. Others prefer the look of decking to differentiate the two areas, in this case we recommend our solid 100% FSC reclaimed teak decking.

Classic, extraordinary and the ultimate decking material, reclaimed teak from centuries old buildings is the perfect material for exterior beauty and resiliency. World renowned for its durability and natural resistance to decay, teak will perform admirably with little or no maintenance.

Leave it to naturally weather to a silvery grey patina or oil yearly to preserve the rich golden brown hues. Our decking is also perfect for indoor applications like showers, saunas or any wet-use areas. and any outside-the-box applications you can think of.

As you can see in the above image, the decking plays on its design with the distance between boards to differentiate the areas in a beautiful fashion. Decking can be custom colored to match your interior flooring or used in its natural color of orange and brown hues.


Seamless transitions from interior to exterior make reclaimed teak the perfect option


Water resistance and durability is the main trademark of teak wood.

Indoor Outdoor gym featuring Indoteak Design reclaimed teak decking

Reclaimed Teak vs Plantation Teak

The biggest difference between reclaimed teak and plantation teak is that reclaimed teak comes from old growth trees that were already 100-200 years old when they were harvested. then the milled wood was part of existing structures in Southeast Asia for another 100-300 years. Think about that for a moment.

The wood on some of our flooring is 500 years old. The teak tree grows very rapidly in  the tropics and can reach a height of 150 feet tall in a couple years, but it will not become fully mature for 50 years. Many plantations are harvesting teak far younger and the newer teak just doesn’t have the strength that reclaimed teak possesses.

Through our relationships in Indonesia, we have access to the largest sustainable source of reclaimed teak in the world. Match that with our manufacturing process and you will find that nobody on the planet can create and make their flooring in the same manner as Indoteak Design.

Our product stands alone in regards to quality, durability and sustainability. All our wood is FSC certified and we painstakingly do all we can to make the process a zero-waste effort. All larger pieces of wood become flooring, decking and paneling. Smaller pieces become tile, substrate and finger joints. The smallest pieces become filler and the dust used in the kilns. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone following the same practices, but that’s whats important to us, not only for the planet but for your piece of mind as well.

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