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Teak Root Outdoor Candle

These gorgeous teak roots come from trees that were harvested for timber. Instead of discarding the root, we utilized it, creating the base of a beautiful candle. These lovely candles come with unscented paraffin wax, perfect for outdoor use and burn for up to 80 hours. Just like every tree, these candles are unique and no two are alike. Candles delivered may not be the same ones as in gallery.

  • Unscented
  • Sizes and Weights vary
  • Perfect for any patio or outdoor area
  • No two candles are alike
  • Sizes, shapes and looks vary

Email: sales@indoteakdesign.com for pricing and to learn about quantity discounts.

Additional information


Medium: 12” x 12”
Large: 16"x 16"


Approximately 30-50 lbs