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Our Story

IndoTeak Design / Our Story
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Our Mission

To create lasting beauty that is appreciated.
To use what is available without hurting anyone or anything.
To build lasting relationships.
To give back to those we admire.

The Story of IndoTeak Design

Some paths only become evident after you open the door and step through it. So it was for Frank Ragen. The seeds of inspiration that would become IndoTeak Design were planted when Frank decided to go to grad school in Bali. As an avid surfer who grew up on the beaches of La Jolla, Calif., Frank was drawn to the world-class waves that wrapped around the perfect point breaks of the Bukit Peninsula on the island of Bali, Indonesia. While the surf was a big reason Frank came to Bali, he quickly fell in love with the kindhearted people, breathtaking landscapes and the beautiful culture of the small island province.

After Frank returned home to California, the peace and serenity absorbed from his time in Indonesia stayed with him and inspired him to share his love of the country with his family and friends. In the years that followed, Frank and his family found themselves living in Bali for months at a time, a ritual that inspired him to build their dream home, which consisted of mostly reclaimed teak.

As the home was being built, Frank learned about the work and craftsmanship that went into the reclaimed teak wood, often going to the factories to see how it was made. It was in those factories where Frank met the people who worked tirelessly to produce the beautiful flooring and tiles that would make his home something special, something unique. As the build continued, Frank soon found himself on a new path, and that path would eventually become IndoTeak Design.

Today IndoTeak Design takes pride in offering the finest in rare reclaimed teak wood, all the while providing a one-of-a-kind service that not only sources the rare wood, but processes, finishes (in both Indonesia and the U.S.) and ships direct to consumers worldwide, making it a truly unique and special company.