Indoteak Design x Le Bazaar Salon Palm Beach Florida

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Indoteak Design x Le Bazaar Salon Palm Beach Florida

About Le Bazaar

“The story of Le Bazaar began 11 years ago when Dris and Bernard met in New York City. Both natives of the South of France, and both having worked for the biggest names in the industry, in Paris, In New York, and in London, they hit it off instantly, matching experience for experience, skill for skill, style for style – vision for vision.”


“The individual vision they brought to each other turned out to be a shared vision. To create a unique salon that offers world-class luxury services designed to bring out the natural beauty of every client within an environment that is beautiful itself.”

“Le Bazaar offers luxury service with a bohemian chic vibe. The loft like space feels like a sexy Soho loft in New York, or a grand café in Paris mixed with the relaxed spirit that is uniquely Palm Beach.”



The stunning interior of the Salon is open and inviting. The natural Patina flooring from Indoteak Design sets the mood of the space.


“Beyond great styling services and architectural design, Le Bazaar provides a unique and comfortable atmosphere. One that includes an authentic full service bar which offers everything from early morning espresso with fresh croissants to the best cocktail time bubbly.  An evolving collection of artwork and photography from trips around the world taken by Dris or Bernard or artists they follow lines the walls. All things that drive and inspire Dris and Bernard are infused into the vibe and energy of the salon.”



Chic meets rustic in this amazing Palm Beach salon outfitted with patina flooring from Indoteak Design.


“Our international staff has worked with all of the top fashion houses around the world and they bring with them all of their special talents and techniques, providing our distinguished clientele with the best in luxury hair care, client services, and personalized experience.”

“When visiting Le Bazaar you not only experience expert hair care and styling, you also immerse yourself in culture and style. At Le Bazaar, we design not just how you look, but how you feel in every second you are with us.”

-Courtesy of La Bazaar