Indoteak Design Product Spotlight: Reclaimed Teak Boat Wood

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Indoteak Design Product Spotlight: Reclaimed Teak Boat Wood

In this month’s product  spotlight, we take a closer look at the beautiful and vibrant reclaimed teak Boat Wood that has become so popular in recent years.

Maybe its the color, texture or all around unique vibe it emanates, but reclaimed teak Boat Wood has been an customer favorite since Indoteak Design introduced it into its product offering seven years ago. In our wood factory in South East Asia, we have craftsmen who source out the incredible structures that produce the finest reclaimed teak available. Depending on the structure, different options are available.

From beams to plywood, each structure that was slated for demolition offers up unique options and selections. Some of the most beautiful is our very popular Boat Wood plywood siding.


After being selected by our crew, the wood is taken back to our factory and painstakingly gone over by-hand for each step of the process, from hand filling small holes with teak plugs created for each imperfection, to the milling, sanding, finishing and painting steps. Our “zero waste” policy is in full effect as we strive to utilize every square inch of the teak wood we reclaim, whether it’s for a beautiful floor or tile or our substrate and small piece to be used as hole filler. All wood is made safe from any lead paints and refinished in custom colors or left in its natural state, ready for staining or to be left raw and unfinished.

Commercial Use

A fast and inexpensive way to add some color and flare to your office or business, boat wood paneling and siding creates a huge impression in a small area. Take these backdrops for Whole Foods for instance. As you walk up to the counter the wood pulls your attention and creates a feeling of curiosity. The colors highlight their message for their Juice Bar called the Canteen. The marketing message backed with the color, texture and feeling of our boat wood was a perfect conduit in creating a safe welcoming space that sends a underlying message of safety, security, warmth and trust. Whole Foods has used several different versions of our boat wood and our Cinta tile to create unique and welcoming store fronts.

Besides being perfect for store fronts, the boat wood is perfect as a kitchen Backsplash area, for business foyers, and offices and in any area in need of a quick face lift. Indoteak Designs reclaimed Boat Wood will leave a lasting impression on family, friends and customers as it creates a space of safety, happiness and good vibes.



Vintage buildings slated for demolition in Southeast Asia.


Tectona Grandis


Golds, Coppers and Tans with Rich Brown and Silver grain highlights

Net Dimensions:

1/4″ x 8″ x 87″


Shiplap. Custom mill-work available.


Nail holes arn’t filled


Meets Character Grade Specifications.



Green Attributes

Certified 100% Recycled by Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), adhering to strict environmental and social standards.
Leed Qualifications

• MR 4.1 & 4.2 – (Recycled Content)
• MR 7 – Certified Wood
• FSC Chain of Custody #: RA-COC-006850