Indoteak Design Client: Andrea Uyeda of Los Angeles Restaurant ediBOL

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Indoteak Design Client: Andrea Uyeda of Los Angeles Restaurant ediBOL

Andrea Uyeda of ediBOL shows us that if things are original, made with care, and are of high quality, they tend to be remembered and leave lasting impressions. As it is with our reclaimed teak offerings, so it is with unique food. We recently partnered up with Uyeda and her highly acclaimed restaurant, ediBOL in Los Angeles California, to blend our luxurious reclaimed teak wood into the interior of LA’s hottest new fusion eatery.

Known for her handcrafted, artisan “Bols” as she calls them, Uyeda creates unique offerings, spinning the traditional ramen bowls with more twists and turns than you could imagine. With menu items like their signature dish, boBOLeta: “Brazilian seafood stew with wild Mahi Mahi, fresh shrimp, New Zealand green mussels, lime, ginger, coconut milk, roasted tomato, onion and toasted almond rice.” If that’s not enough to make you take notice, then you may be beyond help.

Recently, Andrea was visited by The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives where she obviously blew the hair-dyed mind of Guy Fieri.  As the show bio says, “At ediBOL, Chef and Owner Andrea Uyeda pours her Asian-influence and a dramatic sense of style into off-the-charts creative bowls. The visually stunning layers of flavor in the Miso Peanut Ramen leave Guy speechless.”

It’s clients like this who we are honored to work with, partnering to create their vision with the classic look and feel of our beautiful and rare products. In a restaurant like ediBOL, fusion is the key word- taking tradition and blending it with modern influences. Our designers worked with Uyeda to highlight her selections of modern concrete and glass tiles, blending the aged and authentic textures of our reclaimed teak for her tables and walls. The end result is nothing less than stunning.

The L.A. Eater said of the space, “The airy space fits right in with the clean, industrial look that is beginning to define the Arts District. Slate walls are warmed up with pops of teal and navy that make the restaurant feel very of-the-moment. Glass walls open up to a cozy patio that will surely be a welcome addition to the sunny space.”

“The blending of the reclaimed teak and the story it tells, along with the modern amenities, sets us apart.”

Andrea says of the build, “IndoTeak Design helped create exactly what I was looking for. I wanted people to feel warmly welcomed and know how different we are before they even were seated. The blending of the reclaimed teak and the story it tells, along with the modern amenities in the restaurant, is what truly set us apart, accentuating the offerings of our menu. I couldn’t be happier with the final result.”

Owner of IndoTeak Design, Frank Ragen said,”It’s always fun playing a supporting role to complete our client’s vision. Andrea put together an eclectic design meshed with amazing food, It’s been a joy to watch.”

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