The Build That Started IndoTeak Design: The Bali House

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The Build That Started IndoTeak Design: The Bali House

“The Bali House”

Located in the Windansea Beach neighborhood of La Jolla California, The “Bali House” is one of the most unique structures in this community. The 9,300 sq. ft. custom home built in 2010 was inspired after the owners many travels to Indonesia. To achieve the look and feel of their dream home, Frank and his wife Amy spared no expense to create this masterpiece.

Frank and Amy Ragen decided they wanted a home with the look and feel of Indonesia. That meant the wood of choice was teak wood. Reclaimed teak to be exact. After having difficulty sourcing the rare wood, they soon had all the reclaimed teak wood they needed. Six 40-foot containers were soon shipped direct from Bali to San Diego. To say this was a huge task is an understatement to say the least. After going to incredibly long lengths to gather the precious reclaimed teak, Ragen knew there had to be a better way to get the reclaimed teak for future projects. With this thought is how he started down a new path,


Covered inside and out with the gorgeous reclaimed teak, The Bali House is a home apart in the affluent La Jolla neighborhood. From the ground up: Flooring, tile, decking, kitchen cabinets and the beautiful latticework, the home has to be seen to be believed. As Frank moved his way through the project, he started making more trips to Bali to see the factory where his wood was being milled. He quickly realized that he loved the story of the reclaimed wood so much and was fielding so many requests about where he got this incredible product, that he was inspired to start his own company. This is how IndoTeak Design was formed.


As the project moved forward, the separate parts started to connect. Frank soon found himself creating a home that would stand out above all others in the La Jolla area. From the custom spa to private yoga studio, “The Bali House” was something special from the start.  Looking out over La Jolla’s famed Windansea Beach, the intricate teak constructed home blended Franks laid Bali-vibes with a modern, contemporary flair.


  • Custom bar
  • Media room
  • Game room
  • four fire places
  • 1,800-bottle wine cellar
  • Elevator
  • Roof top deck
  • Spa
  • Salt water pool with tides
  • Yoga Studio

As with most luxury properties, Bali House also features a pool, but it’s not like your neighbors have. This is a tide pool. Powered by a 12,000-gallon surge tank. “It’s only one we know of in the world,” says Frank Ragen. The pool’s water level rises and falls with the ocean’s tides adding yet another unique and special quality to the amazing property.


IndoTeak Design, solid teak decking. Perfect for standing up to the harsh effects of water and weather.

Another interesting feature:  Stone carvings that are actually from the facade of a chief’s burial ground from the island of Sumba. After the Chiefs structure was destroyed in the massive 2004 Boxing day earthquake its remnants were reclaimed and re-purposed here.

While the house was a dream project for Frank and his family, after the build was complete, they realized it was much more home than he and his family needed and later sold the property to down size into a smaller home, closer to his kids school.

“The Bali house was such an amazing project to work on,” says Ragen. “Without going through that process, I wouldn’t have gained the knowledge I needed in order to start IndoTeak Design. I’ll always be grateful for that.”