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Fine Art Photographer Series

photo: John Maher

Over the years we have made custom picture frames for friends and clients that feature our rare, 100% reclaimed teak that has been saved from destruction, often 100-300 years old. The patinas and textures are unlike anything seen in the world today.

We have decided to make these available on a larger scale to our clients who want something unique that also shares a story of sustainability and responsibly sourced material. All our reclaimed teak wood comes from salvaged timbers from buildings that were slated for demolition.
Each piece of wood is hand selected, sanded, finished and built by our factory. This unique story of reclamation is special and we wanted to offer imagery just as unique to highlight our picture frames.
We have partnered with incredible photographers to bring you the Indoteak Design Fine Photography Series. The images, paired with our soulful wood, capture the mood, imagination and the soul of our brand.

Our Photographers

Indoteak Design has partnered with five photographers and artists to bring you the ITD Fine Photography Series. The artists images, paired with our soulful reclaimed teak wood frames, capture a mood as well as the viewers imagination. Enjoy the soulful experience of our reclaimed teak. Enjoy the beauty of the images. Enjoy your life.

Dave Frapwell

Father, Photographer, Adventurer

Are Frapwell

Son, Student, Photographer

El Lovaas

Sculptor, Artist

John Maher

Lifeguard, Photographer

Dan Merkel