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IndoTeak Design was founded on a love of design and appreciation for the beauty of reclaimed teak wood.  Since the beginning, It’s been our pleasure to provide the highest quality reclaimed teak hardwood floors, tiles and products in the industry. One of the most exciting aspects of our business is the ability to be flexible for our fast moving for clients who want to pursue customized options. Our clients have been our biggest influencers with their vision and imagination, making it a priority and a pleasure to bring their dreams and visions to reality.



All of our tiles can be customized to your exact request by using any of the color selections from the Sherwin Williams color palette. Vibrant hues, subtle tones or brand specific colors all can be mixed and matched to create a 100% unique and one of a kind custom product.


A good clean design is one of the most crucial areas for any chef or entrepreneur. We have helped dozens of restaurants meet and exceed their expectations with our incredibly unique and customizable products. From local coffee shops to celebrity Chefs like Nobu and his Matsuhisa restaurant and Bobby Flay with his LAs Vegas Eatery “Shark,”our products can enhance any project with their clean, green attributes and stunning reclaimed beauty.



We work with top national and global design firms to create custom products and finishes for their projects. Our unique “earth-friendly” story, paired with our craftsmanship and customer service make us the perfect choice for your unique clients.


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It’s the little details that make or break a design project. Custom doors, dinner tables, bar tops, bar dies, wall decor, ceilings & soffits. Indoteak Design can help you create anything off-menu that you could need from our incredible Reclaimed Teak.


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