Gorgeous Custom Bar and Cinta Tile at Galaxy Taco in La Jolla California

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Gorgeous Custom Bar and Cinta Tile at Galaxy Taco in La Jolla California

Galaxy Taco of La Jolla California has quickly become a local favorite with its delicious food, airy atmosphere and bright, joyful decor.
When the owners were creating their space, they reached out to Indoteak Design to create a custom bar top made of 100% FSC reclaimed teak wood as well as a custom back-splash and reclaimed teak tile for the facade of the bar. The result is one of the most beautiful spaces in San Diego County.

The tile reflects the local surroundings, which in this case, is the Pacific Ocean and La Jolla Shores, located just steps away from the restaurants door. Blue represents the ocean, which is a huge part of the menu with the fish tacos as well as the owners who are avid surfers. The tan color represents the sand and the peach color represents the kelp forests which lie just off the beaches. It’s this kind of unique request that is a joy to build and tells the story of the business so eloquently.

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Custom reclaimed teak bar top and decorative teak wood tile adorn the main bar in Galaxy Taco in La Jolla, California.



The owners of Galaxy Taco wanted something unique for the centerpiece of their restaurant in La Jolla, California. That’s exactly what they received. Custom Blue/Grey/Pink Cinta “Amy” tile and reclaimed teak bar-top.



The pattern and color for this Cinta “Amy” tile was made custom made for the client making it truly one-of-a-kind.


As one sits back at the bar, the peaceful color of the tile is meant to reflect the local ocean hues. Blue and sand for the beach located one block away and the pink color for the local kelp that grow off the shores of La Jolla.



The custom mural located behind the bar is painted on our FSC 100%  reclaimed teak by our good friend and local La Jolla artist, Ross McDowell.



Ross McDowell began painting on our reclaimed teak a few years ago and it has now become his only canvas and he is an amazing brand ambassador for us at Indoteak Design.


As you sit at the corner of the bar and the crowd fills in, Galaxy Taco has an inviting ambiance that lends itself to making new friends and sharing quality time. Decor and vibe have everything to do with making a business successful.


The open space, the bright colors and amazing food all make Galaxy Taco in La Jolla one of the most exciting new restaurants to open in San Diego county in years.