Aged To perfection: Reclaimed Teak Barnwood

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Aged To perfection: Reclaimed Teak Barnwood


The term barn wood conjures up images of old farmhouses left to the elements in some beautiful country side. Patina developed from wind, rain and the hot sun beating down on the worn-out wood and fading paint. What was once an item that was discarded or burned, today barn wood is most desired for the wonderful patina that has been aged by the elements and time.

While that is the case with many species of wood, reclaimed teak has a bit of a different story. Our teak comes from the steaming hot jungles of Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

This “barnwood” has been the exterior of structures, in some cases, for hundreds of years. The old growth teak was always preferred because of its natural resistance to moisture which is essential in the tropics where it’s wet and moist year-round.

When you see this wood, your thoughts drift thinking of the times it has survived tsunamis, typhoons, sweltering heat, massive floods and the harshest sun on the planet. All the while keeping the residents inside safe.

These stresses make the wood tough and over the decades the warping and swelling is minimum at best. Teaks natural oils have long been desired for its water resistant qualities, especially by people living and working around water, on boats or on rivers.

With that kind of history and story, it makes perfect sense to us to find this wood on buildings slated for demolition and save it. Giving it new life, because we know it still has so much to offer.


Once we have saved a batch of timber, we take it to our factory where we transform it into many different products, but first its paneling. We do minimum alteration of the paneling as the patina and colors are so unique, we want that to shine through first and foremost. This amazing barnwood is where we get our Patina offerings for flooring, tile and accessories. It’s extremely rare and we take great pride in utilizing every inch or material so nothing goes to waste. Besides the small pieces being used as tile, the tiny bit left over gets saved for future projects like cutting boards, cladding, filler and substrate.



Vintage buildings slated for demolition in Southeast Asia.


Tectona Grandis


Golds, Coppers and Tans with Rich Brown and Silver grain highlights

Net Dimensions:

Thickness : ¼” – ½”

Width: 2” – 7”

Length: 2’ – 7’




Open knotts, open nail holes


Meets Character Grade Specifications.



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